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Venomal Inc., We are one of the leading producer of snake venom, scorpion venom and frog/toad venom with over 100 different venoms worldwide available.


We are specialize in the production of venoms and purified venom toxins. We also carry out research into venom actions and studies of the snakes themselves.

- Production Process -

- Quality Control -

Venoms are taken from animals kept in our facilities or from animals captured in the wild and released in good health at the place of their capture after milking (toads, scorpions).


Our commitment to quality and consistency is the best guarantee to reproducible research results, as confirmed by regular audits from several major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

To most of us, medicine comes from a pharmaceutical unit, which we can stock up on tubes of ointments, bottles of liquid, or a pack of capsules. However, the original sources of drugs can be much more exotic than you assume.
Research scientists are turning their attention towards venomous snakes, with their poison containing hundreds of different toxins. These are usually proteins and peptides, along with organic molecules such as hormones and antibiotics.
The same properties that make poison dangerous may also be useful in treating certain medical conditions.
Snake Venom
Venoms are produced under strictly controlled conditions from animals we have collected in all parts of the world, or which were born and reared in our breeding facilities.
Our venom production process fully complies with the WHO "Guidelines on Production, Control and Regulation of Snake Antivenom Immunoglobulins".
Our facilities comply with European regulation and our staff is duly trained to operate in safety conditions and in line with good animal welfare practice.
All animals are clearly identified and we keep individual records of all data pertaining to their origin, health status and treatments, feeding and milking status, offering full traceability to customers.
Are you looking to turn your ideas into groundbreaking research?
Venomal Inc. is the place to begin. We have an extensive range of pure venoms for sale, available at the touch of a button. With our products, you can expect desirable outcomes in less time. The prices of venoms are much lower compared to other dealers, and we stand by the quality and purity of venom we produce.